Our Lady of Light Parish St. Catherine of Sienna and St. Pascal Baylon churches

Charismatic Prayer Group

We welcome you to our weekly group devotions.

Welcomes You To Their
Weekly Group Devotions

St. Pascal Baylon Church
113th Ave. and 199th St.
Entrance is around the corner of 199th Street in the Chapel

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Who are invited?

  • All ye who are poor in Spirit but seek with humility, a full life of grace and deeper relationship with Christ.

The Spirit says –Come!

  • All ye who experience a Spiritual emptiness and uncertainty about their eternal density. 2 Timothy 3:5

The Spirit says-Come!

  • All whose faith is shaky and who appear to be religious, but have not experienced God’s real power.

The Spirit says-Come!

  • All ye who daily strive wit temptation and trials, laboring in the weakness of the flesh and yet find yourselves UNABLE to do the good that you wish to. Instead, you often keep doing the bad deeds that you don’t wish to. Romans 7:19

The Spirit says-Come!

  • God is NOT a fading mystic dwelling on a distant and unreachable mountain.
  • God is real and dwells in us as He promised.   2 Corinthians 6:16

Prayer Group Activities

  • Prayers/devotions to the Holy Spirit
  • Spontaneous/intercessory prayers for individuals and communities
  • Meditations and Praise-worship
  • Study and sharing of scriptures
  • Services and participation in Catholic actions
  • Exhortation and helping of one another to higher levels of spirituality

And more!

Benefits to Expect

  • The Scripture will no longer be mere  historical books to you. They rather become a living WORD capable of transformation of souls.
  • The Eucharistic celebration will no longer be a ritual to you. Rather, it   become the Soul and Summit of your spiritual communion with God.
  • You will have a personal relationship and experiential life in Christ.

“Learn to savor how good the LORD is; happy are those who take refuge in him.” Psalms 34:9 (NAB)

Mass Schedule

St. Catherine of Sienna
Sunday 8am & 12 noon
Monday to Friday 8am

St. Pascal Baylon
Saturday Evening 5pm & Sunday 10am
Monday to Saturday 9am

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