Our Lady of Light Parish St. Catherine of Sienna and St. Pascal Baylon churches

Baptism Committee (St. Pascal Baylon)

The purpose of the Baptism Committee is to help parents along with the Parish Priest to prepare children to receive the Sacrament of Baptism.

The committee explains the ritual of Baptism and the requirement of the parents and godparents. They share their parenting experiences with them and explain what St. Pascal expects of them as they bring their children in as members of the parish family.

On the day of Baptism, the members of the committee sit with the parents and godparents in a special area and guide them through the ceremony. The female members of the committee escort the mothers and the godmothers into the chapel and assist them in dressing the babies.

The Baptism Committee consists of Leonora Best and Marina Pereria.

Mass Schedule

St. Catherine of Sienna
Sunday 8am & 12 noon
Monday to Friday 8am

St. Pascal Baylon
Saturday Evening 5pm & Sunday 10am
Monday to Saturday 9am

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