Our Lady of Light Parish St. Catherine of Sienna and St. Pascal Baylon churches

Parish Committees & Groups

Activity Coordinating Committee

The Activity Coordinating Committee (ACC) was initially formed to be the main fundraising arm of Our Lady of light Parish and the Food Pantry.

Adult Formation

While our Catholic Formation/Religious Education (Sunday School) program offers a well-balanced curriculum, it is you, the Parents/Guardians, who are the primary educators of your children in the ways of the Catholic Faith.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

Baptism Committee (St. Pascal Baylon)

The purpose of the Baptism Committee is to help parents along with the Parish Priest to prepare children to receive the Sacrament of Baptism.

Building & Maintenance Committee

The Building & Maintenance Committee meets every month to discuss the various properties in order to keep up with any necessary repairs and maintenance.  

Charismatic Prayer Group

We welcome you to our weekly group devotions.

Divine Intervention Young Adult Group

Divine Intervention was formed out of a consensus among those who had progressed in life beyond their high school and college years.

Evangelization Committee (St. Pascal Baylon)

The Evangelization Committee is a small faith sharing group which began about 9 years ago with the assistance of Sr. Mary Walsh.

Finance Council

Our Lady of Light’s Finance Council is the parish’s advisory and consultative committee that assists and supports the pastor in his administrative role with respect to parish financial matters.

Girl Scouts (St. Pascal Baylon)

St. Pascal Baylon Girl Scouts Leaders are trained, experienced, and certified by the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York.

Holy Name Society (St. Pascal Baylon)

The Holy Name Society of St. Pascal Baylon Church is a men's society dedicated to "Honor the Holy Name of Jesus".

Little Rock Scripture Study

Small base communities have formed and are meeting regularly during the week at various time and days throughout each week to read, reflect and share what  the scripture means in our every day lives.

Rosary Society (St. Pascal Baylon)

Providing spiritual help and support for one another, social activities for the women of the Rosary and also the parish family.

Rosary Society (St. Catherine of Sienna)

We are a group of women who meets on the first Sunday of the month after the 8:00am Mass to discuss ways to better serve the Church and Community. We share personal concerns while praying and glorifying God.

Social Concerns Committee (St. Pascal Baylon)

Our missions is to encourage parishioners to use their gifts and talents to meet the social justice needs of the common good.

Worship Committee

Coming soon.

Young Adult Ministry (YAMS)

Our Lady of Light Parish Young Adult Ministry (YAMs), desire to be active parishioners and take on leadership roles within our parish. We seek to evangelize all confirmed youth.

Mass Schedule

St. Catherine of Sienna
Sunday 8am & 12 noon
Monday to Friday 8am

St. Pascal Baylon
Saturday Evening 5pm & Sunday 10am
Monday to Saturday 9am

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